Dear teacher,

Thanks for expressing an interest in Study Link. I know there are lots of schools in Moscow – everybody wants you, right? So why choose Study Link?

First of all, it’s important you know about our ethos.

Our ethos

Study Link’s first responsibility is to the students who use our services. Our service is the English language. Therefore, we only employ professionals in this language, whether they are natives or Russians. We constantly strive to enhance our services; to listen to the wants and needs of our students. Students must be given time and space to advance their English. Study Link provides the tools for clients to do this effectively, efficiently and with enjoyment.  Our students must see and feel their progress in their English. Prices for our services must remain reasonable.

Study Link is responsible for each and every employee. We value our employees, and recognise their need to create, express themselves and bring their unique personality to our project. Employees must feel they are contributing to the future of Study Link. We must manage honestly and speak respectfully of all those we work with. Working conditions must stimulate employees. We strive to promote internally. We recognise the importance of employees’ families and afford employees time to fulfill their responsibilities to their nearest and dearest.

Study Link is a creative organisation. We strive to be original. We value difference and diversity. We constantly look to experiment. Everyone must be given an environment that facilitates their participation in this process.

If you like the sound of this, then read on.

Who do we need?

We are looking for Russians and native speakers to teach at Study Link. If you have a degree, a recognised TEFL qualification and a fun-loving attitude, we welcome your application to join our team. Experience is not always essential, although it will greatly strengthen your application. Ideally, we are looking for teachers who can teach a wide variety of age groups – kids, teens and adults – as well as students of different levels.

If you are on a full-time contract, you are expected to teach kids, teenagers and adults. You may also be required to teach business and exam groups.

What is offered?

Study Link offers a competitive salary, depending on prior experience and qualifications. We pay an additional sum to those who teach in-company classes. A full-time salary for a full-time contract of up to 30 academic hours per week can be up to 80 000 RUR per month.

Visa Support

Study Link language centre offers full visa support to its full-time teaching staff. As a licensed school, Study Link is in a position to offer its teachers a working visa for educational purposes. This may be extended by up to a year and makes it unnecessary to leave the country after a period of 90 days, as is now the requirement for all other types of visa, including business.

How to reach us

Send your CV to Alternatively, call us directly on +7 (495) 225-32-08 or    +7 (495) 642-60-72.   

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

                                    Daniel Watt M.A.
                                    General Director